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H24US is a clean energy technology company driving innovation and progress forward in hydrogen energy

The major hydrogen-producing states are California, Louisiana, and Texas. Today, almost all of the hydrogen produced in the United States is used for refining petroleum, treating metals, producing fertilizer, and processing foods.

Many processes generate hydrogen: Natural gas reforming, electrolysis, fermentation, and renewable biomass gasification. Key challenges to hydrogen production involve reducing costs associated with capital equipment, process and feedstocks. (1) H24US targets making the resulting hydrogen cost competitive with conventional transportation fuels.

H24US has developed technology to significantly concentrate hydrogen using membranes that can function without precious metals. As such, H24US membrane technology will lower hydrogen costs.


The Future of Hydrogen is Here

Hydrogen is used as a clean fuel to power some industrial processes and some vehicles, but cost-efficient methods of bulk hydrogen production are needed to make it a competitive fuel option. We believe this alternative fuel can be used to power hydrogen cars, industrial equipment, and other clean energy devices. For the hydrogen fuel to be clean, it must be derived from clean renewable sources, not fossil fuels (1)

Our Mission

H24US will research and develop hydrogen separation for production methods, to drive the hydrogen-based economy and reduce the reliance on fossil fuels. As better and more efficient methods of producing hydrogen are discovered, these will become net zero carbon fuel sources.

Our Values

  • Delete global carbon footprint to zero
  • Innovative work
  • High quality and cost-effective products
  • Investor and customer centric

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